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The Co-op Model

Urban Recipe’s food co-ops for low income families provide a unique alternative to many traditional food-centered ministries. Under our model, each family we serve becomes a member of a 50 family food co-op that meets every other week and is convened completely by the members themselves. Because of the consistency and sense of ownership the model offers, our co-ops not only provide food security for those in need, but are a place where relationships are formed, dignity is affirmed and community is strengthened.

A Typical Day…

Members arrive at their appointed hour, check in with the treasurer and contribute a small programming fee. These funds are never used for food. They may be used for fuel or insurance for our delivery truck or for a special need that the co-op members vote to determine. Members then pitch in to unload the truck, set up the room, sort the food or simply visit with other food co-op members. A meeting is then held which the members control. The meetings typically include a devotional time, community announcements and at times, speakers. Then boxes are distributed and members leave until they gather again in two weeks.

Training Available:

When: Our training dates for 2016 are as follows: March 15, July 26 and November 1.

Where: Urban Recipe, 645 Grant St., SE Atlanta, GA 30312

Schedule: 9:30 a.m. register and introductions; attend the food co-op in operation that day, regather and begin to go over training material, lunch, continue training material, followed by Q&A. We expect to be done no later than 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $200 for the first person, $50 for any other persons from the same organization.

To Register: Please contact Chad Hale or Spanga Gwabeni at 404-688-0871 or email chadhale@urbanrecipe.org ahead of time. We will ask you to send half of the registration fee to us at the address listed above no later than one week ahead of time.